Bulletin Newspapers

Bulletin Publishing started as a 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper called the Newport News in 1958 by Bill Penny and others. It got its big start by Larry Mattson in the early 1960’s.  Mattson drowned in a boating accident and realtor John Currell purchased the company from Larry’s widow, Bea Mattson. Currell hired John… Continue reading Bulletin Newspapers

Holiday Breakfast

The Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce Holiday Breakfast was postponed in 2020 because of the Covid pandemic. Here is the history of the event. I was President of the Cottage Grove Business Association and I thought it would be great if the business owners or managers would have a Christmas Breakfast with the cities staff… Continue reading Holiday Breakfast

Newport Businesses

Newport family businesses have been the best respected businesses in the south Washington County area.  In the late 1950’s Bob North, Newport Drugs, and George Fisher, Fisher Foods, built Newport Center that still stands today as the center of the Newport business district. George Fisher’s son Jack took over the super market in 1974.  Unfortunately,… Continue reading Newport Businesses

Watch the Eyes

Have you ever noticed the eyes of an actor or actress when they are portraying a character? The eyes will tell you more about the character than any other part of the body. A good actor will draw you in and make his character believable. The inflections and there’s voice will also make that character… Continue reading Watch the Eyes

Judy’s Last Column

For forty-five years this space had been occupied by my wife, Judy Spooner.  Judy had a stroke on June 16, 2015 that took away her ability to speak and affected her right arm and leg.  She has been living at Norris Square for the last year needing twenty-four hour nursing care.  Judy’s existence was a… Continue reading Judy’s Last Column