GOP Disarray

The GOP is in disarray and as usual blame the Democrats for causing their troubles. A small fraction of House Republicans wants cuts in the budget that would cause harm to our economy and many families who rely on programs that help them sustain life. The GOP seems to forget that the former president and… Continue reading GOP Disarray

Fox Lies

In order to believe in the news a communicator has to have credibility. It seems that the Trump supporters believe that FOX is the only network they would trust with presenting the truth of today’s political affairs. This after that network has paid 750 million dollars for reporting a lie. These people are being brainwashed… Continue reading Fox Lies

Election Judges

Watching the House January 6 Committee, it occurs to me that in order for the Presidential election to be rigged it would take a few thousand election judges to help pull it off.  It is impossible for that many people to keep a secret. Therefore, when I hear that someone who is running for a… Continue reading Election Judges

Attack Ads

The attack ads are out and I find a great difference between the incumbents and the challengers.  Incumbents tend to focus on accomplishments while challengers’ spotlight how those accomplishments were wrong for our nation. I have noticed that the challengers do not have a program that would have been better than the one accepted by… Continue reading Attack Ads

Lock him up

The possibility of charging our last president with violations of several infringements of laws protecting our security seems to be definite.  Senator Lindsey Graham has said if this happens there will be riots in the street.  If those riots do happen it will be interesting to see on what side Graham, Cruz, Rubio, Johnson and… Continue reading Lock him up


Reading the letters submitted on August 10 concerning the warrant to search the last president’s home in hoping to find documents that he did not give to the National Archives, causes me some consternation.  It seems, according to the letters, that he should be treated above the law.  A federal judge would not sign off… Continue reading Warrants


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had met five times. Each meeting was held with only interpreters present.  After the meetings the interpreters were told not to reveal any information of the items the two discussed.  After one of the meetings, the former president was asked by a reporter the content of the discussions.  The former… Continue reading Mar-a-Lago


The defeated forty-fifth president gave us an insight of what his regime would look like if he is re-elected in 2024.  He has always been a fan of authoritarian rule and has said “Putin is a genius.”  If he and other Republicans are elected to run this country, I am sure our alliances will change… Continue reading Loser1

Political Changes

This nations citizenry scares the hell out of me.  We have a political party that has been trying to kill our democracy and install a fascist style of government.  Let’s take a look at the items that have changed in the last two years: State Republican legislatures have passed laws disenfranchising a number of voters. … Continue reading Political Changes

God and #45

I heard a woman exclaim on television that God wanted Trump as President of our country. She must have a different God than the one I worship. Her god accepts a person who is a narcissist, misogynistic, racist and a bully.  His principles involve lying, mocking the disabled, grabbing women between the legs and calling… Continue reading God and #45