Election Judges

Watching the House January 6 Committee, it occurs to me that in order for the Presidential election to be rigged it would take a few thousand election judges to help pull it off.  It is impossible for that many people to keep a secret.

Therefore, when I hear that someone who is running for a federal office, Tyler Kistner for 2nd District Representative, questions the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election I wonder how truthful he will be if elected to that office.

There is also a question concerning his combat experience that according to records has never happened. 

GOP Minnesota Secretary of State candidate, Kim Crockett, is also a election denier.  I understand she has a law degree that must of come out of a Cracker Jack box.  How truthful would she be if elected.

I would like to see the evidence they have that the January 6th Committee does not have that would support their belief that the election was rigged.  Trust and credibility is important when filling a elected office. As of right now, I have some real concerns about these two candidates.


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