Fox Lies

In order to believe in the news a communicator has to have credibility. It seems that the Trump supporters believe that FOX is the only network they would trust with presenting the truth of today’s political affairs. This after that network has paid 750 million dollars for reporting a lie.

These people are being brainwashed and they don’t know it. Some are very educated and think that education and intelligence are equal.

Of course, there are millions of people who gobble up the propaganda as if it was their favorite food. I am disappointed that so many people are letting themselves be taken in by the misinformation delivered by the FOX network.

Ask them to explain the difference between objective and subjective news. I believe they would seem confused about the distinction of the two terms. Inquire if they could give examples of civil liberties and civil rights. My bet is that most could not give any illustrations of those freedoms.

I think that the viewers of the Republican network are not smart enough to know the difference between fake news and the truth. Incredible.

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