Reading the letters submitted on August 10 concerning the warrant to search the last president’s home in hoping to find documents that he did not give to the National Archives, causes me some consternation.  It seems, according to the letters, that he should be treated above the law.  A federal judge would not sign off… Continue reading Warrants


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had met five times. Each meeting was held with only interpreters present.  After the meetings the interpreters were told not to reveal any information of the items the two discussed.  After one of the meetings, the former president was asked by a reporter the content of the discussions.  The former… Continue reading Mar-a-Lago

A win by 45?

Our last president was a failure in many ways.  One item he has been a success at is convincing his followers and others to distrust the media.  I live with other seniors who have voiced their assumptions on disbelieving the news.  Many would not know the difference between objective and subjective news.  Objective is factual… Continue reading A win by 45?