It is disheartening to read that the commentators of the largest watched “news” channel have a totally different view of events than what they are telling their viewers. These people are not journalists. They are overpaid entertainers who will prostitute themselves for profit. True journalists have integrity. A news outlet should have credibility. This outlet and its commentators have neither.

Of course, the majority of their viewers do not know the difference between objective and subjective news. They would believe the commentators if told that the Sun would rise in the west.

The Speaker of the House is giving one of the pundits the film of the January 6 attempted coup. This so-called analyst has ascertained that the riot was a tourist event gone awry. It will be interesting to see the spin he and his producers give the riot. I am sure that his observations will not be truthful.

Ignorance can be cured. It will take a dose of education to become intellectually healthy.

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