What plan does the Republican’s have to reduce inflation, bring prices down and lessen gas prices? They don’t have one. In order to get people to their side they attack the morality of the nation. What is “woke”? Something that does not make sense to people with an active brain. Censor books? That is a message that reading is bad for your children. They may learn something. Who gets to censor the books? What credentials do they have that gives them the right to decide what is good and what is bad?

The Republican Party has always preached smaller government and less authority. That seems like a good idea, but why should they be interested in what happens in our bedrooms? Do they want to be able to govern our daily lives? They have always tried to eliminate public education. They think that only the privileged should be educated. The uneducated are easier to control. They are more susceptible to brainwashing.

They champion for the unborn. After birth they should not be tossed aside and almost starved to death with legislation that would eliminate the SNAP program. They vote against school meals when many families are having a problem buying food. Republican legislators are passing legislation that affect the LGBTQ community. They have made it harder for transgender children to get needed health care. Would they be overjoyed if some child who needed hospital care died in the hospital parking lot? Republicans lack empathy.

Let us hope that the people of our great nation wake up to the atrocities that face us if total control is given the Republican politicians.

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